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First and foremost, we always seek to make the Salvation of Christ and the dedication of one's life to the service of and for HIM known. The single most important decision you can make is to dedicate your life to Christ. This in and of itself should add a Spirit of unity and togetherness to a person's heart and manifest itself in their lives. Please know that this website is NOT intended to replace your home church. We are not seeking to open any doors or windows that cause anyone to leave their own church and unite somehere else. We simply want to give women encouragement and support as they journey through their Christian lives.                


 The body of Christ is to be unified. There is no group of people more separated than women. This is a website not religion based but Spiritual based. Not color based but Christian Sister based. All women from every walk of life will benefit. Married and all is going well or single and trying to maintain. Worshiping for a long time and seasoned in Christ or not baptized and just searching. This is the place for you!! All subjects in a woman’s Christian Walk are discussed. There is nothing off limits but condescending comments and negativity. This is to build up, not tear down.

 A woman’s Christian walk is incomparable to that of anyone else’s. A woman must balance being a wife (fiancé or girlfriend), bread winner, mother, cook, referee, and in some cases Spiritual head of a household. There are a lot of women who are the roots, the trunk, and the leaves of the family tree, if they fall apart the family falls apart. That woman needs an outlet that consists of other Spiritual women. Then there are the young women who feel like they are too young for the responsibilities of a Christian woman. They want to experience being young, Doing what they wanna do, when they wanna do it, and with whomever they wanna do it with. She is no more in the wrong than I was when I was 16-? so we don’t judge her. Lastly there are the seasoned in Christ ladies. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t going through things. As long as we are living, we are going through something. Our lives have various stages and we need to have somewhere to vent and get Spiritual nourishment from other ladies who have experienced what we are experiencing. The burden this will lift from our chests will be unspeakable.

 Praying that this website is a Spiritual refuge to any and all women who visit. Stay focused, grow stronger, be encouraged, and most of all......









over a year ago by [email protected] Pray for me
I am praying that the Christian body of women become more unified. I pray that we get to a place where when one of us is blessed, we all feel blessed and were one of us has been hurt, we all feel hurt. In Jesus' name.

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