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U-N-I was front and center at this year's AVON Breast Cancer 2 Day Walk in Santa Barbara, CA. We had a BALLLL!!! Everyone was so nice, we met a lot of great people, and we look forward to being in attendance next year as well. Only in 2015.....we want to have a TEAM U-N-I on the roster!!!


Moms House is a new non-profit dedicated to ensuring our elders engage in active living lifestyles.  We do this through active aging education workshops and an elder concierge service that matches’ active elders and other volunteers with elders in need. 

Our purpose is to connect a network of individuals and community partners for the exchange of information and resources to further Moms House’s goals of promoting an active living lifestyle among elders. 

To let you know a bit about myself, I cared for my mother in her last years as she experienced accelerating MS. It was a humbling and motivating experience. This sparked my plan to become active in the elder care field.   Currently I am seeking to attain my Masters of Science Management, Elder Care Administration. The experience with my mother exposed me to the scores of elders out there alone, attempting to navigate the system and just plain lonely. This is my target group, the elders falling through the cracks.

MomsHouse will make a difference in our elder’s quality of life. 

Feel free to contact me:

Donna L. Dennis-Hill

Founder/Director MomsHouse

[email protected]


Twitter: [email protected]


Phone: 310-722-4349

Efax: 661-464-3404

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