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Tell us what services you would like to see offered in your area.   

                                                                    united_n_chris[email protected]

                                                                           In your email include: 

1. What day(s) you feel will be most convenient for each group,

2. The timeframe you feel the group should last,

3. How many times (i.e. once a week, twice a month) you feel the group should meet, 4. Anything else you feel would be relevant as we collect information on how we can effectively begin and continue to service any group we start.

                                                           SUPPORT GROUP

We would like to see a double-purposed support group for caregivers of the elderly started in the A.V. area. This support group will be designed for those women who are caregivers for their own parent(s) as well as for those women who are caregivers for the parent(s) of their spouses. These two journeys are very different. Perceptions, expectations, and most importantly emotional needs are different. If you would like to head/attend this support group, please contact

us at the above email address.

                                                       GROCERY SERVICE 

We would like to see a service set-up in which not just the elderly, but anyone in our communities can have groceries/toiletries delivered to them. If you have suggestions regarding this, please contact us at the above email address.

                                                          BOOK CLUB    

I know, I know, I know. Girl please, who has time to read a book?!! If you can find the time, LET'S DO IT!! This is more of a man/child/job/all things stress free sanctuary of sorts.  We will read a chapter or two a month, then come together for food and fellowship with our 'Sisters' to discuss the book and whatever else WE choose.


                                          WOMEN'S CHORUS

We want to turn all hearts, heads, voices, and ears to Christ. No matter what race, ethnic background, or religion you are, we are asking that you contact us regarding your desire to start the "Voices United In Praise." We would like to receive information ahead of time regarding rehearsal times and frequencies. We would like to have an afternoon or night of worship where we will make our debut. The afternoon/night of worship will be entitled "Women Living in the N.O.W. (Need of Worship)!" Get the word out. We want as many youth Praise Dance Teams as we can get to be involved. As we encourage each other, we must know how important it is that we reach as many young people as we can. Strengthen them now so as they get older, the foundation is set.

Job Fair

As we seek to encourage and liberate the Spiritual lives of women, we definitely would like to do the same thing in our financial lives.



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